CFF Telescopes 185mm f/6.8 Oil-Spaced Triplet Apochromat

Starting Price: $16,640.00
Price as Configured: $16,640.00
Brand: CFF Telescopes / SKU: CFF-185F6.8
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Price as Configured: $16,640.00

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CFF 185mm f/6.8 Oil-Spaced Triplet Apochromat

The CFF 185mm f/6.8 represents the ultimate portable size refractor and it's a step-up in aperture when compared to its smaller brother the 160mm. Suitable for imaging, the 185mm F/6.8 paired with CFF's Field Corrector will deliver a corrected image circle of 55mm diameter, allowing for the use of big chip cameras for capturing wide-field deep sky images.

Although having a 'short focal ratio' this instrument is highly recommended to astronomers who enjoy a pure visual experience of Moon, planets, double stars and deep-sky objects. The oil-spaced lens design helps this big triplet objective lens to quickly reach ambient temperatures.

Main features:
  • 3.5" rack and pinion type focuser from Starlight Instruments;
  • dew shield with rotate & lock feature;
  • bino-viewer friendly design;
  • portable big size refractor;
  • Oil-spaced design for best possible light transmission & highest contrast.
  • CNC rings,
  • D-type or V-type dovetail,
  • transport case.