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Deep Space Products is a small family-owned and operated business that was founded in 2007 to fill the need for a thermoelectric cooling system for the Meade line of affordable Deep Sky Imagers (“DSIs”).  In 2009, Deep Space Products acquired the rights to the popular HyperTune® products and services for German equatorial mounts previously provided through and  Introduced in 2001, the HyperTune® products and services were originally developed to upgrade the Meade LXD55 series of equatorial mounts and greatly improve the operation of these affordable systems.  Since its inception, the HyperTune® name has become synonymous with the tuning of equatorial mounts to reach their peak performance abilities.

We are constantly expanding the HyperTune® products and services to include both DIY products and in-house services for all equatorial mounts.  In addition to the normal HyperTune® services, customers can request mount upgrades with products provided by Deep Space Products and from other vendors like the popular upgrade to the Orion Atlas latitude adjustment and the addition of the popular mount upgrades from ADM Accessories.  Deep Space Products is also working to produce new DIY videos for mounts various popular mounts.

In 2010, as the first step of its commercial expansion, Deep Space Products acquired the rights to sell and distribute the new T-REX Apex Alt-Azimuth T-Mount in North America.  The T-REX is the top predator in alt-azimuth T-mounts, built to withstand the next extinction-level event.  Deep Space Products is the exclusive North American dealer for this mount that has been designed and manufactured in Japan to the highest of standards. In 2013 Deep Space Products acquired the rights to sell and distribute mounts from the Italian companies 10Micron and Avalon Instruments and since then has added telescopes from Knaeble Engineering and CCD cameras from Moravian Instruments. We continue to strive to bring excellent European products to the US that are otherwise underrepresented in our market.

At Deep Space Products, we want to help you make the best out of your imaging systems, mounts and telescopes and offer you some the best and most unique astronomy products and services available.  Please browse the website and have a look at our products and services and feel free to ask questions.  We are happy to try to assist our friends and customers alike in any way we can.

Edward Thomas, Owner
Deep Space Products

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