Return Policy

Deep Space Products wants you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so that we may determine what steps may be taken to resolve the problem.

Order and Deposit Cancellation Fees

Please note that pressing the "Submit My order" button on the Check Out page indicates that you agree to the payment for the order being taken from your payment method of choice at that time unless the Pay by check, money order, ACH, or wire transfer (when available) was selected. While it may be possible to void a transaction for a period after it is placed, you must contact us immediately during standard business hours. If a transaction has cleared through the card processors (which typically takes place after normal business hours and overnight, it can no longer be voided. If nothing else, a transaction placed one day will certainly have cleared by the next. Once a transaction has cleared it can only be refunded rather than voided and a cancellation can be charged against any refund to cover the non-refundable fees of the credit card and card processing companies unless other arrangements are made. These rules apply to both purchase and deposit payments.

Any order paid with a credit card that is canceled at any time after the order is placed may incur a 2.5% cancellation fee at Deep Space Products' discretion. High-cost credit card orders that are canceled will always incur a 2.5% fee unless otherwise arranged with Deep Space Products. Any orders paid with PayPal that are canceled at any time after the order is placed may incur a 4% cancellation fee at Deep Space Products' discretion. High-cost PayPal orders that are canceled will always incur a 4% fee unless otherwise arranged with Deep Space Products. Order's placed with financing will incur a 5% cancellation fee. Orders paid by check may be 100% refundable as long as Deep Space Products has not incurred any costs related to the order.

Orders that have already been shipped are considered delivered and in possession of the buyer and covered under our return policies. Orders that have been shipped cannot be canceled and orders that have been paid for and are ready to ship but are held at the customer's request cannot be canceled without the consent of Deep Space Products.

Please note that some manufacturers who require deposits on custom orders (particularly on telescopes that are made to order) may have their own refund policies that are different from ours. Should it be necessary to obtain a refund for a canceled order from a manufacturer, we will work with the manufacturer to obtain as much of a refund as possible in light of the progress that has been made on the product ordered. Deep Space Products is not responsible for the return of any money besides that returned from the manufacturer.

To keep costs down and cater more directly to our customers' needs, most products we carry are not stocked but are either obtained as soon as possible after the purchase or are drop shipped from the manufacturer. For your security, Deep Space Products does not maintain any credit card information. As a result, we are unable to hold card information to charge later (e.g., when a product is shipped).

If you are purchasing a large piece of equipment with a significant cost (e.g., telescopes, mounts, observatories, etc.) you may contact us to work out different payment options (e.g., deposit, payment by check, etc.) to minimize or eliminate order cancellation fees should it be necessary to cancel an order.

Custom Orders Cancellation and Return

Custom order cancellations or returns are solely the discretion of Deep Space Products and the manufacturers with which it works.

Order Placement and Payment

Deep Space Products is generally a non-stocking dealer. We choose instead to provide our customers with exactly what they want and need at the lowest price rather than push what we have sitting in inventory or make our customers pay for us to maintain a large inventory. We order most items on a custom basis. When you place an order through our website, your card or PayPal account will be charged at the time the order is placed unless we make other arrangements. We do this for your protection so that we do not have to maintain any of your card or account information. Larger items and orders may be purchased via check, money order, or ACH. You will be provided with that option if your order exceeds $2,000. You will also receive a 2.5% discount if you choose to use one of those payment methods when they are available. The item(s) being ordered will not be sent or arranged for delivery before receipt of the payment. Should you wish to order in some other fashion than is available, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Some items may be ordered with a deposit depending on their cost and general availability. Be aware that not all items in your cart may allow for a deposit payment so the amount that you are required to pay at the time of order (or later when a check/wire payment method is selected) when paying a deposit will reflect the deposit amount for the item for which a deposit is available combined with the costs for the other items in the cart that do not have a deposit payment available. For example, if your cart contains two items, one deposit item and one non-deposit item, then when selecting the deposit option at checkout, the total due at that time will be the percentage of the deposit item plus the cost of the non-deposit item.

The balance for an order item where only a deposit has been paid will be due before the item being shipped either from the manufacturer or Deep Space Products (depending on the current location of the product.

General Return and Refund Policy

Returns will not be accepted and refunds or exchanges not provided without prior approval. Items returned without approval may be returned to the customer at their expense. If you have any problem and wish to return an item for a refund or replacement, you must contact us within the times specified below.

Non-Defective Item Returns

We prefer to work very closely with customers to get them exactly what they want and need to avoid the return of any merchandise. However, Deep Space Products customers may return merchandise purchased from Deep Space Products up to fifteen (15) days after receipt of merchandise for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping and handling costs and a restocking fee in some cases. A refund will be given provided the product is returned in new, unopened condition, complete in its original packaging, with all warranty cards, accessories, manuals, etc. included. You must contact us for approval before returning any item.

A 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund on a case-by-case basis. This generally applies to high-ticket items for which we do not have another interested customer available. Any merchandise that does not arrive in new, unopened condition (i.e., open and used) will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee. Missing parts, packaging, instructions, warranty cards, etc., as well as damage or other detrimental effects to merchandise, will result in higher restocking fees. Such returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Restocking fees will be determined by Deep Space Products after inspecting the merchandise.

If you wish to return merchandise for a refund or exchange, it is required that you first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization “RMA” which may include an RMA number. Returns without an RMA and number (if issued) will not be accepted. The customer's name and/or RMA number must be placed on the shipping label. DO NOT write or affix the RMA# (or anything else!) on the product or its internal or external boxes!

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the merchandise is securely packaged and insured for the full purchase price. The customer is responsible for lost or damaged packages so we encourage you to insure everything at replacement value when shipping.

Deep Space Products will process all returns as quickly as possible. The appropriate amount will be refunded back to the credit card used for the original purchase within fifteen (15) days of receipt of returned merchandise with an accompanying RMA (if required).

Canceled custom and special orders including items like telescope mounts, tripods, cases, and other non-stocked items may be non-refundable depending on the status of the order when canceled. Such cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis with Deep Space Products determining the amount that may be refundable to the customer.

Import orders that are canceled before shipment of the product to the US (if the item is not in stock in the US) are subject to a 5% cancellation fee to be withheld from the deposit. Orders canceled after the product has left the originating country (if the item(s) is not in stock in the US) are subject to a 25% cancellation fee to be withheld from the refund or deposit. Cancellation of orders for products that are in stock in the US may be subject to a 5% cancellation fee at the discretion of Deep Space Products.

Returns will not be accepted after fifteen (15) days without prior approval from Deep Space Products. Deep Space Products will work with customers who have special circumstance, but reserves the right to refuse returns after fifteen (15) days have elapsed.

Celestron OEM Replacement Parts

Celestron OEM replacement parts may not be returned for replacement or refund.

HyperTune Services

If there are problems associated with the HyperTune of your equipment, we will work with you to determine and remedy the issue. Charges for HyperTune services are non-refundable. Custom items such as high-precision gear sets are returnable solely at the discretion of Deep Space Products but will be subject to at least a 50% charge depending on the item and whether or not it can be reused. If it is determined that custom items like high-precision gear sets are defective, they will be replaced at no charge with a non-defective item. Shipping charges for items returned to be further assessed as part of the HyperTune process may be refunded at the discretion of Deep Space Products depending on the nature of the problem and whether it was a result of the HyperTuning of the equipment or not.

Incorrect Item Returns

If you have received the wrong item from Deep Space Products, please contact us immediately by phone or e-mail to obtain permission to return the item(s). Deep Space Products will arrange to have the item(s) shipped back from your location and will ship you the correct item(s) at no additional cost.

Shipping-Damaged Item Returns

Please inspect your packages and items as soon as possible after delivery to determine whether any damage has occurred during shipping. If there are any shipping damages, the customer must immediately report the damage to the carrier of the package (e.g., FedEx, UPS, USPS). The carrier will arrange to inspect the package and return the package and its contents to Deep Space Products through their respective procedures. Deep Space Products will send replacements for shipping-damaged products as soon as we receive confirmation that the damaged package(s) and item(s) are on the way back to Deep Space Products.

Inspection and return of shipping-damaged items must be processed through the carrier and not sent directly back to Deep Space Products. Shipping-damaged items that are not inspected and returned through the carrier’s process will not be accepted for refund or exchange since Deep Space Products will be unable to collect on insurance from the carrier for such items.

Defective Item Returns

If you receive an item you believe to be defective, please contact Deep Space Products immediately via phone or e-mail and we will discuss the problem with you. While defective items are the responsibility of the manufacturer, we will do our best to assist, support and help you resolve the problem through the manufacturer as quickly as possible. If Deep Space Products approves the return of a defective item for a return or exchange, the same return procedures as applied to non-defective item returns will apply.

The Unseen Cost of Chargebacks on Small Businesses

While there may be a time when you feel the need to file for a chargeback on a purchase from a small business like us and innumerable others, please understand that such actions are very detrimental to the business against which the chargeback is filed. Unlike huge corporations that absorb the costs of chargebacks as simply a cost of doing business, such actions take money directly from the pockets of small businesses without notice and with little immediate recourse, even when a chargeback may be unjustified or could have been avoided. Please, in fairness, allow us the opportunity to remedy a problem with you directly before you resort to a chargeback and understand that anything that you have received that you request a chargeback on, must be returned immediately. In our years in business, we have had an extremely low chargeback rate in comparison to other businesses because we prefer to work with our customers when there is a problem. The few we have had have generally been the result of an honest mistake or misunderstanding by one side or the other. We are not perfect, but we try our best. Please keep this in mind when doing business with any small business.