REMOte Telescope hOsTing sErvices (REMOTE) by Deep Space Products provides remote telescope hosting services at Astronomer's Paradise in southwestern New Mexico.

Located near Animas, NM, the site boasts:
  • Bortle 1-2 skies
  • 4,240' elevation
  • Average 286 clear nights
  • Average temperatures from 28° - 95°F
  • Low precipitation, mostly brief rain during the monsoon season, and rare snow
  • A guest house for people who wish to come and set up or do maintenance on their equipment (must be reserved)
  • Personnel for security and low to mid-level hands-on support
  • Onsite high-level support by appointment
  • Metal pier prepared for your pier adapter
  • 16' x 16' observatory rooms for up to four piers
  • New advanced Ubiquity UniFy network able to control all of the observatories and provide individual subnets for each customer
  • UPS network backup
  • Onsite weather monitoring systems
  • Onsite Allsky camera(s)
  • Automatically opening and closing observatory roll-off roofs (roof opens to west)
What you get is:
  • An 8-inch diameter pier with a 12 x 12-inch top plate and height appropriate for your system (we can arrange for larger piers)
  • Managed POE network switch at the pier
  • Full AC electric service
  • Internet service
  • Network connectable power distribution unit (e.g., WebPowerSwitch, Wattbox)
  • Dedicated webcam for remote observation of your equipment if necessary
We can also supply:
  • Additional equipment and services can be provide to meet your needs and the requirements of your system
  • System technical support
  • Complete system setup or assistance setting up your system
  • First-light services
  • Training
  • System maintenance services
  • Repair services
What you will need is:
  • Your equipment
  • Observatory-appropriate system computer
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Network connectable and remotely controllable power strip
  • Pier adapter for your equipment
The observatories can contain up to four piers depending on the size of the systems installed. System heights must remain below the 91-inch wall heights to ensure that roofs may be closed without risking encountering your equipment. This also helps with wind protection.

There are 17 observatories in various states of completion with six already occupied, one partially occupied, and two being completed (roof automation systems installed). Others will come online as soon as possible, and completion can be accelerated when needed. Observatory customizations are also possible. Customers can arrange for single piers, multiple piers, or complete buildings (which include an 8 x 16-foot warm room). We can make arrangements for large systems requiring the space of more than one standard pier for an additional cost.

Standard terms will be for 12, 24, or 60 months (others can be negotiated) with per-pier rates starting at $600/mo.

The current Clear Sky Chart for the facility is below and can also be seen here: Astronomer's Paradise Clear Sky Chart.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or reserve your spot.

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