Takahashi FSQ-85ED Baby Q Refractor Telescope with Flattener

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Brand: Takahashi / SKU: TA-TQE08541
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TA-TKA37595 - Takahashi Extender ED 1.5X (FSQ-85/TSA/TOA)
TA-TKA37595 - Takahashi Extender ED 1.5X (FSQ-85/TSA/TOA)
About This Product
The Takahashi Extender ED is a 1.5X focal length extender designed for use with the TSA-120, TOA-130/150 and FSQ-85 telescopes. The extender is constructed using extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and features a 2 inch barrel design.
$650.00 each
Price as Configured: $4,280.00

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This is the same telescope as the FSQ-85EDX, but includes the 1.01X flattener as part of the standard telescope assembly. This is the same unit designated as FSQ-85EDP in Japan. If you already own an FSQ-85EDX, you may order the flattener via part number TKA37582.

The FSQ series of telescopes were designed with the astro-imager in mind. Featuring a four-element lens system made with superb ED glass, the FSQ produces a virtually flat field across a large image circle. In models other than the FSQ series, the image circle is defined as the circle in which light intensity is 60% or greater. However, because of the outstanding performance of the FSQ series, for these models the image circle is defined as the area where star images are 30 microns or less. In all FSQ telescopes, the light intensity across the image circle is greater than 70%.

The Takahashi FSQ85-ED is the most portable member of the FSQ Series of flat field astrogrpahs. This refractor telescope was designed from the ground up for digital imaging, and is the go anywhere portable astrograph. Easily airline transportable at 14.375" collapsed, the "Q" will fit under under an airline seat or in an overhead compartment. It weighs less than 9 lbs, so a smaller high quaily mount will support it.

The FSQ-85ED also features a newly designed focuser with a built-in fine focuser, made for imaging with medium format CCD cameras. This 72 mm focuser has been designed to handle CCD and digital SLR cemeras with great rigidity.

In addition to being a first rate astrograph, it has been designed to be an excellent visual instrument as well. With over 200 mm of back focus, it can acommodate any combination of diagonals or a bino viewer. Color correction from the near UV to the near IR insures tight stellar images across the entire color range.

Optical Tube Assembly only (mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately).

The FSQ-85ED is a perfect go anywhere imaging/visual astrograph. Its outstanding features include:

  • Premimum doublet extra-low dispersion (ED) quadruplet design
  • 44 mm diameter imaging circle, capable of accepting medium format CCD or DSLR cameras
  • Large, heavy duty 72 mm diameter focuser capable of carrying medium format CCD or DSLR cameras
  • Light weight, highly portable instrument perfect for use worldwide or in remote sites
  • Built-in camera rotator allow the camera to be rotated 360° without loss of critical focus
  • Uses a specifically designed Extender-ED 1.5x to increase focal length for high magnification viewing