QHY2020 BSI Class 1 Scientific Cooled CMOS Camera

Starting Price: $8,000.00
Price as Configured: $8,000.00
Brand: QHYCCD / SKU: QHY-2020BSI-C1
QHY2020 is a cooled scientific CMOS camera with GSENSE2020 back illuminated CMOS sensor: 13.3mm x 13.3mm, 2K*2K resolution, 4mega pixels. This square scientific CMOS has ultra high QE and wide spectral response from 200nm to 1100nm. It has 94% peak QE at 550nm-600nm, 60% QE at 240nm. It also has very good QE in the NIR range, 60% at 800nm, 38% at 900nm. QHY2020EUVX is a special EUV/Soft X-ray enhanced version with >90% QE in 1.2nm to 15nm extreme UV range. The high, wide response from NIR to UV makes the QHY2020 a perfect camera for spectrum analysis and spectrum imaging systems. The QHY2020 is also an ideal scientific CMOS camera for fluorescence imaging.
Price as Configured: $8,000.00

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  • Back Illuminated cooled Scientific CMOS Camera uses a GSENSE2020BSI image sensor with 4MP resolution and 6.5μm pixel size, Class 1
  • With peak Quantum Efficiency of 94%
  • Ultra-Low Read Noise of 1.6e-
  • Low Dark Current and High Frame Rate
  • With Electronic Rolling Shutter, Sensor free of Microlenses
  • Two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (TE) and USB3.0 interface
  • Dual 12-bit A/D, High Dynamic Range, Dual Image Output 
  • Ideal camera for astronomical and biological imaging as well as spectroscopy