QHY42 PRO UV Scientific Cooled CMOS Camera

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Price as Configured: $13,850.00
Brand: QHYCCD / SKU: QHY-42UV (110030)
The QHY42PRO-BSI uses the Gsense400 Scientific CMOS sensor with extraordinary 95% peak QE, 79% UV QE, and very good NIR response, plus an extremely low read noise of 1.7e-. The QHY42 has relatively large 11um pixels in a 2k x 2k array. The sensor size is 22.5mm x 22.5mm yielding a good field of view even at longer focal lengths. This camera is ideal for astronomical and biological science research. QHYCCD also supplies the QHY42PRO-FSI version.

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QHY-090036 - QHY Level Converter Board
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QHY-090036 - QHY Level Converter Board
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Price as Configured: $13,850.00

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  • Cooled scientific camera uses the Gsense400 BSI CMOS sensor
  • Ultra High Sensitivity - with extraordinary 95% peak QE (Back-Illuminated)
  • Ultra Low Read Noise1.7e-Photon Counting
  • Large Pixel Size - 11um, 89ke- Full Well Capacity
  • With 24FPS in HDR mode and 48FPS in STD mode
  • Dual 12-bit A/D
  • With Amplifier Glow Control and Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Sensor free of Microlenses
  • Two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (TE) and USB3.0 interface
  • Ideal for astronomical and biological science research
  • UV enhanced version available
The standard version has 2-stage TE cooling and a USB3.0 interface. The camera has three readout modes: single 12bit high gain channel output, single 12bit low gain channel output. Dual 12bit high gain and low gain output mode. Single channel output is 24FPS at 12-bits. Dual-channel HDR output is 12FPS at 12-bits.
QHY42PRO has the GPS / Trig Signal interface. It can output the precise exposure starting/ending waveform for external measurement. It can also connect with QHYCCD GPS-BOX to measure it. The QHYCCD GPS-BOX will output the timestamp onto the image head of each frame.