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Berlebach PLANET Small Telescope Mount Tripod
Berlebach PLANET Small Telescope Mount Tripod Weave/Design

Berlebach PLANET Small Telescope Mount Tripod

Product Number: BB-14021

Manufacturer: Berlebach
Mount Type (required)

Color (required)

Double Cable Clamps (optional)

Rubber Feet (optional)

Tripod Case (optional)

Price: $750.00
The Planet Small tripod is the short version of Berlebach's Planet tripod.
Berlebach's most stable wooden tripod, featuring large wood cross-sections and newly designed clamping elements, delivers a high load capacity and excellent stability with minimum vibration transmission. The ultra-flat design of the new tripod head with 105 mm leg joints guarantees maximum torsional stiffness. Delivery with Spread Stopper and Tray.

- Weight: 9,50 kg = 20,94 lb.
- Transportation length: 75 cm = 30 inch
- Minimum height: 70 cm = 28 inch
- Maximum height: 95 cm = 37 inch
- Load capacity: 120,00 kg = 264,55 lb.
- Vibration damping: extremely good

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