QHY4040 Pro I FSI Scientific Cooled CMOS Camera

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Brand: QHYCCD / SKU: QHY-4040PRO-I-FSI (110082)

QHY4040PRO I is a scientific cooled CMOS camera with GSENSE4040 4K*4K sCMOS sensor. It has a 36.9mm x 36.9mm square sensor with 9.0um pixels in a 4k x 4k array. It has a 36.9*36.9mm image area. 9um pixel size. Since 2023, the QHY4040 Pro has upgraded to QHY4040 Pro I. They are of the same function and price, while Pro I has a shorter body.

QHY4040 PRO I has both the FSI version and BSI version. The FSI version has a peak QE of 74%, 70ke full-well (at the lowest gain), 4e readout noise (at the highest gain). The BSI version has a peak QE of 90%, 39ke full-well (at the lowest gain), 2.3e readout noise(at the highest gain), and a wide spectrum from UV to Near IR.

The typical application of this camera is astronomy imaging, spectrum, dynamic x-ray DR, satellite tracking, etc. Contact us if you are interested in the LQ version.

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QHY-090036 - QHY Level Converter Board
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Price as Configured: $14,809.00

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The QHY4040 standard version is the single-channel ADC output version. It uses the High Gain Channel to output the low readout noise image. It supports both live video mode and single-frame mode. In single-frame mode. it works at a low CMOS-driven speed. The behavior of the noise performance is the same with the 8FPS@16BIT mode in Live video mode. In live video mode, it supports five different CMOS clocks. Max Frame rate from 8FPS to 20FPS.
The QHY4040 has zero amplifier glow.
The QHY4040 can get about max 35C to 40C below ambient.
QHY4040 supports hardware exposure ending signal output which can be used for high precise time-domain imaging. This signal can be measured by an external timing base and you will know the precise time of the starting and ending exposure time.
QHY4040 supports continuous live video mode, single-frame mode, and burst mode. In the live video mode, the camera is free-running to capture the images. In single-frame mode, the camera will capture one frame when you send the start exposure command. In burst mode, the camera will be in idle status. You can define how many frames will be output; and after you send the start exposure command, it will start to capture these frames and then stop output. In both single-frame mode and burst mode, the timing is in sync with the start exposure command. It is beneficial for the high precision timing record work when working with the hardware exposure ending signal.