QHYCCD PCIE Grabber Card

Starting Price: $1,500.00
Price as Configured: $1,500.00

The QHY PCIE Grabber card enables your QHY600 Professional Camera's ability to achieve 4 FPS @ 16-bit and 10 FPS at 10-bit frame rates. QHY's grabber card enables the optical 2x10 gigabit fiber port connection which achieves these rates and also provides the option for users to locate the camera from much longer distances than the traditional USB3.0 interface. Adding the PCIE grabber card means that you can locate your camera from hundreds of meters, rather than just a few meters.

A single QHY PCIE Grabber card can be used with more than multiple cameras in succession (not simultaneously). This means that if you have multiple QHY PRO series cameras, and you plan on using them at different times, then you only need one card.

Price as Configured: $1,500.00

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