Pegasus Astro NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount

Starting Price: $2,960.00
Price as Configured: $2,960.00
Brand: Pegasus Astro / SKU: PEG-NYX-101
Pegasus Astro introduces a high-performing, high payload mount that can easily carry imaging equipment up to 20Kg without needing a counterweight or shaft.

Strain wave drives on the RA and DEC axes ensure backlash-free operation with high torque at high payloads. The fully CNC-machined aluminum alloy 6061 body, black and blue anodizing, and use of select branded parts (stepper motors, strain wave gear) inside the mount, ensure that NYX-101 will perform flawlessly for many years. The mount includes an electronic brake on the RA axis to prevent backsliding when the power is off as well as safety limit stops during slew or tracking.
Add Saddle Powerbox (pre-installed)? (Required)
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PEG-TRPD101 - Pegasus Astro Carbon Fiber Tripod for NYX-101 Mount
PEG-TRPD101 - Pegasus Astro Carbon Fiber Tripod for NYX-101 Mount
About This Product
This is the Pegasus Carbon Fiber Tripod for NYX-101 Harmonic Drive Mount. The tripod legs are rigid and lightweight, made from carbon fiber. This tripod is recommended for use with imaging equipment up to 15Kg.

Length Retracted: 65 cm
Max length: 120 cm
Weight: 2000 gr
Max Load Capacity: 50kg
Angle of Legs: 35° Fixed
$350.00 each
PEG-ADAPT101-EQ6 - Pegasus Astro Universal/EQ6 Tripod Adapter
PEG-ADAPT101-EQ6 - Pegasus Astro Universal/EQ6 Tripod Adapter
$50.00 each
PEG-ADAPT101-STDOFF - Pegasus Astro Tripod Standoff Rods (3 pcs)
PEG-ADAPT101-STDOFF - Pegasus Astro Tripod Standoff Rods (3 pcs)
$35.00 each
PEG-SADDLEPBOX - Pegasus Astro - Saddle Powerbox for NYX-101
PEG-SADDLEPBOX - Pegasus Astro - Saddle Powerbox for NYX-101
About This Product
The Saddle Powerbox has close functionalities to the Pocket Powerbox Advance and can be directly placed on the Pegasus NYX-101 mount or other mounts in the market.

$465.00 each
Price as Configured: $2,960.00
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High Precision Strain Wave Gears
Harmonic Gears on Both Axis ensure high payload and a smooth, backlash-free operation. A hybrid stepper motor, belt system along with sophisticated electronics can drive RA axis down to 0.10 acsecs of resolution

Reduction on RA axis is 500:1 and 300:1 on DEC axis.

Supports High Imaging Loads
Counterweights are not required for weights up to 20Kg. Counterweights can be installed for higher photographic loads – compatibility with M12 shaft.

Lightweight Design
The NYX-101 has a lightweight design, based on the weight payload the mount can lift. It is constructed of CNC-machined aluminum alloy AL6061 and that makes the mount an excellent choice for your setup. Mount weights 6.4 Kg. From a small refractor to a fully loaded SCT 11-inch telescope, NYX-101 can easily handle the payload.

Equatorial or Alt/Azimuth Mode
Mount can be used as a German Equatorial mount or as an ALT/AZ, more suitable for visual observations. The mode can be switched from Pegasus Astro's mobile application.

Built-in Wireless and USB Control
The NYX-101 supports Wi-Fi out of the box including USB2 connectivity. Both technologies can work simultaneously. The mount is compatible with LX200 protocol and Sky Safari for mobile interaction.

Power-Off Break
A safety power-off brake is Installed on the RA Axis and provides an instant safe stop during a planned or unplanned power interruption.

DC 12-Volt Battery Operation

NYX-101 requires 12V only for its smooth operation. This means that you can use your normal 12V battery without any additional converters. Mount consumes less than 0.6Amp during tracking and up to 2.5 Amps during slewing.

Secure Power and USB

The power cable is a GX12 type with can securely lock onto the mount. USB type B special socket ensures a secure grip. Both of these sockets are placed on the non-movable part of the mount. No cables moving during slews and tracking. A 2nd GX12 provides power to your imaging equipment.

Refraction Corrections

NYX-101 integrates a barometric sensor required to calculate atmospheric, refraction corrections during mount tracking. For smaller focal lengths this is might be overkill but if you have an SCT you will notice a welcome change in your guiding performance.

Universal Saddle Plate
NYX-101 includes a low profile and rigid universal saddle that accepts Vixen and Losmandy 3-inch dovetails.

Integrated ST-4 Autoguiding Port
An ST-4 port is available at the back of the mount. Suitable for a simple hand controller or for your ST-4 guiding camera.

Polemaster Adapter
In the front of the mount, there is a place for the QHY Polemaster (adapter included), which allows you to perform a precise polar alignment, required for your imaging sessions.

Electronic Assistant for Initial Polar Alignment
A set of sensors allows you to orient the mount at the correct altitude and azimuth in order to have an initial, rough, polar alignment (for lower focal lengths such as camera lenses or visual observations ). Pegaus Astro's mobile application guides you through that process.

Reverse Voltage Polarity Protection
NYX-101 has been designed with reverse voltage polarity protection - a saver if you accidentally reverse battery polarity during the night!

Optional Counterweight Support
The NYX-101 does not require counterweights for payload up to 20Kg. However, if you would like to install counterweights for higher payloads there is a compatible M12 threaded shaft hole at the end of the DEC axis.

ASCOM, INDI, Sky Safari Support
The mount fully supports ASCOM 6 and INDI framework. Sky Safari is also supported allowing you to control the mount through your mobile device.

LX200 Compatibility
LX200 protocol is fully compatible with NYX-101

Mobile Control
A mobile application for IOS and Android platforms allows you to control both axes of the mount, slew to installed catalogs of thousands of night sky targets and do a rough polar alignment through an electronic polar assistant.

Safety Limits on RA Axis
Safety limit encoders on the RA axis prevent internal cable snag or collision with the tripod.

Firmware Upgrade
An easy firmware upgrade process allows you to stay up to date with bug fixes and the latest features of the mount.