Pegasus Astro DewMaster - 5 Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller

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The Pegasus Astro iDewMaster is a must for the visual astronomer. You can power and control up to five dew heaters at once. The DewMaster a digitally-operated dew controller that uses a PWM duty cycle to allow for connection and individual control of each user-supplied dew heater. Full digital operation and a high resolution red film display makes the control of the device quick and simple. You can measure consumed amps and input voltage visually. Optionally, an external temperature and humidity sensor will let you know the levels of the relative humidity, temperature and dew point. Automatic dew heater controls protect your optics in case of high humidity.

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PA-DT-SH - Pegasus Astro High Accuracy Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor for DewMaster
PA-DT-SH - Pegasus Astro High Accuracy Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor for DewMaster
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External one (1) meter resolution temperature & relative humidity calibrated sensor. Know exactly the environment conditions of your location. The sensor can be auto combined with the dew heater outlets to automatically handle the power levels. Leave it to the DewMaster decide if it is time to turn on your heating elements! You can also monitor the readings of temperature, humidity and dew point in the display screen.
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Price as Configured: $208.82
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The DewMaster comes with five powerful Mosfets, each supporting 6 amps. The Mosfet transistors ensure that there are no voltage drops from any of the five RCA outputs, and the 6 amp capacity ensures that each dew heater will get the required power. With the incorporated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) duty cycle control, you can reduce battery consumption. The DewMaster is also protected from reverse voltage polarity.

In addition to the five RCA dew heater outputs, there are two 12V DC outputs for additional astronomy equipment that meet those power requirements.

A 128 x 64 pixel Organic LED (red film) screen is used for the device. It will ensure that your night vision will be unaffected.

To use the DewMaster, push down the knob and choose the output. Turning the knob, either left or right, controls the duty cycle from 0-100%.

Dimensions are as follows: 109mm x 74mm x 25mm.

250 grams