Pegasus Astro DewZap - Dual Channel Dew Heater Controller

Starting Price: $90.00
Price as Configured: $90.00
Brand: Pegasus Astro / SKU: PEG-DEWZAP
Dew Zap is Pegasus Astro's Dual Channel Dew Heater Controller. It is simple to use, compact, and powerful. It's your best companion against the dew during those long astrophotography nights.

Price as Configured: $90.00

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Two individual digital outputs for dew strips
Dew Zap has two individual digital RCA outputs. You can control its output by turning each knob on the top of the controller.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Duty Cycle Control
The controller has digital electronics and fully supports PWM duty cycle control.

Zero to 100% heater control
Knob can drive PWM duty cycle from zero to 100%.

Ten amps current capacity (5 A per channel)
Powerful mosfets on each output can provide easily 5A per channel. There are no voltage drops.

  • The device is protected from reverse polarity.
  • An LED indicator in front of the faceplate ensures that the controller is operational.
  • A detachable fused power cord (1.8m long) is provided. The fuse is at 8 amps.
  • Two years warranty