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Berlebach SKY Telescope Mount Tripod
Berlebach SKY Telescope Mount Tripod Weave/Design

Berlebach SKY Telescope Mount Tripod

Product Number: BB-14010

Manufacturer: Berlebach
Maximum Height 148 cm, includes Accessory Tray and Spread Stopper
Mount Type (required)

Color (required)

Double Cable Clamps (optional)

Rubber Feet (optional)

Price: $2,550.00
This tripod is a world first from the company with the world's longest tradition of tripod manufacturing. It has been specially designed with the highly demanding and ambitious astronomer in mind.

Berlebach's SKY tripod unites the superb characteristics of wood with the outstanding benefits of modern-day carbon materials.

Ultra-flat design of the new tripod head with 105 mm leg joints guarantees superb torsional stiffness. The carbon-fiber feet are made using a new manufacturing process and contribute to the tripod's key features of extra-high load capacity combined with light weight. The wood profiles are likewise reinforced with carbon fibers using a patented system. Thanks to the sum of these three innovations, the SKY tripod delivers supreme load-carrying capacity, utmost stability and excellent vibration damping properties. Its outstanding design underscores the high standards of workmanship that will delight any astronomer.

- Weight: 9.00 kg = 19.84 lb.
- Transportation length: 96 cm = 38 inch
- Minimum height: 88 cm = 35 inch
- Maximum height: 148 cm = 58 inch
- Load capacity: 140.00 kg = 308.64 lb.
- Vibration damping: extremely good

Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.

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