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Berlebach GRAVITON Telescope Mount Tripod
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Berlebach GRAVITON Telescope Mount Tripod

Product Number: BB-14026

Manufacturer: Berlebach
Mount Type (required)

Price: $2,985.00
With the development and production of the GRAVITON tripod, we offer our customers the possibility to be mobile even with very large and heavy mounts.

This astronomical high-end tripod clearly stands out from other substructures in many areas.
 - Best vibration damping of all our tripods by massive leg segments made of high-quality ash wood
 - Lever arm of the clamping element extendible for force optimization
 - Innovative leg clampings with a flat spring, which compensates for the hygroscopy of the wood
 - 100 % stability trough integrated toothed rack in 5 mm steps
 - Fine leveling function in the foot tips offer an adjustment path of 20 mm
 - The spread stopper can be mounted at different heights, so that leg spreads of approx. 20-30° are possible
 - CNC-manufactured metal parts ensure precise guidance, secure, powerful clamping, and attractive design
 - A tray and spread stopper are included

• Weight: 23,00 kg = 50.71 lbs.
• Packed length: 91 cm = 36 inches
• Minimum height: 86 cm = 34 inches
• Maximum height: 135 cm = 53 inches
• Load tolerance: 220,00 kg = 485.01 lbs.
• Vibration damping: extremely good

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