Takahashi MEWLON-180C w/ Dovetail Plate

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Brand: Takahashi / SKU: TA-TLK18100
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TA-TKA70581 - Takahashi MEWLON Reducer Flattener
TA-TKA70581 - Takahashi MEWLON Reducer Flattener
About This Product
The Takahashi Mewlon Reducer / Flattener is designed specifically for the Mewlon series of telescopes, and reduces the focal ratio by 0.8X. This reducer is made from ED glass, and produces an image circle with a diameter of 30 mm on the μ-210 telescope.
$530.00 each
Price as Configured: $2,220.00
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The Mewlon series from Takahashi features Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes for visual observation. Through proprietary manufacturing methods, Takahashi provides a concave and ellipsoidal primary mirror and a spherical secondary mirror at a reasonable cost.


The Mewlon-180 is Takahashi's latest addition to the Mewlon line. This 180 mm aperture telescope is an f/12, 2160 mm instrument. With the optional reducer / flattener, the f-ratio can be reduced to f/9.8. The m-180 comes with a built-in 6x30 finder scope.