Starlight Instruments Posi Drive Motor System with Fine Focus Override for FTF and AP Focusers

Starting Price: $590.00
Price as Configured: $590.00
Brand: Starlight Instruments / SKU: SI-PDMS-FTFF
The Posi Drive Motor System for the Feather Touch focuser can lift in excess of 56 pounds. This motor system attaches to the pinion shaft and not the reduction assembly which eliminates any slip and offers precise repeatability with heavier payloads. The PDMS has 2.3 microns per step (.00009″) which is 11,400 steps per inch. The PDMS-FTFF motor comes standard with an over-ride to allow for manually focusing with the FINE focus knob. The PDMS motor has the thermistor built onto the motor circuit board for temperature compensation.

Focuser: Feather Touch 2.5/3.0 and Astro Physics 2.7" focuser, Feather Touch 3.5" and Astro Physics 3.5" and 4.0" Focuser

Focuser (Required)
Price as Configured: $590.00
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