QHY2020 Scientific Cooled CMOS Camera

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Brand: QHYCCD / SKU: QHY-2020 (110049)
QHY2020 is a cooled scientific CMOS camera with GSENSE2020 back illuminated CMOS sensor: 13.3mm x 13.3mm, 2K*2K resolution, 4mega pixels. This square scientific CMOS has ultra high QE and wide spectral response from 200nm to 1100nm. It has 94% peak QE at 550nm-600nm, 60% QE at 240nm. It also has very good QE in the NIR range, 60% at 800nm, 38% at 900nm.

QHY2020EUVX is a special EUV/Soft X-ray enhanced version with >90% QE in 1.2nm to 15nm extreme UV range. The high, wide response from NIR to UV makes the QHY2020 a perfect camera for spectrum analysis and spectrum imaging systems. The QHY2020 is also an ideal scientific CMOS camera for fluorescence imaging.

Contact us regarding pricing for the 2020UV and 2020EUV versions.

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QHY-090036 - QHY Level Converter Board
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  • Back Illuminated cooled Scientific CMOS Camera uses a GSENSE2020BSI image sensor with 4MP resolution and 6.5μm pixel size, Class 1
  • With peak Quantum Efficiency of 94%
  • Ultra-Low Read Noise of 1.6e-
  • Low Dark Current and High Frame Rate
  • With Electronic Rolling Shutter, Sensor free of Microlenses
  • Two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (TE) and USB3.0 interface
  • Dual 12-bit A/D, High Dynamic Range, Dual Image Output
  • Ideal camera for astronomical and biological imaging as well as spectroscopy
The QHY2020 supports 21 5FPS,25,35FPS frame rate and HDR two channel output. It has the capability to output dual channels as 4096 x 2048 with one channel at high gain and one channel at low gain. You can also select either the high gain or low gain output.

With read noise as low as 1.6e-, this camera can capture photons from very dim objects. At 3.5 electrons it can achieve SNR=2, which means 4 photons. This detection limit is close to some EMCCD cameras.

The standard version of the QHY2020 is USB3.0. It can produce a maximum frame rate of 33 frames per second for single channel 12bit images, or 21.5 frames per second for dual channel 12-bit images (HDR mode). The camera can also transfer selected regions of interest for extremely fast rates, e.g., 450 FPS at 128lines, 1460 FPS at 32 lines. This specially addressed line readout mode can also be customized.