PlaneWave RC24 Telescope

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PlaneWave Instruments is pleased to offer the PW20-RC, a 24 inch (0.61 m) f/10.6 astrograph with Ritchey-Chrétien optics. PlaneWave’s CDK astrographs have become the telescopes of choice for universities, industry, and astrophotographers around the world, and now PlaneWave offers the PW-RC series to meet the custom needs of the scientific community. The PW24-RC in its native format (no field flattening lenses) uses only a primary and secondary mirror with reflective coatings. This can be useful when making observations primarily on-axis and wide field imaging is not a concern.

The PW24-RC has a dual carbon-fibre truss design, with 3 cooling fans ejecting air from the back of the telescope. The instrument weight is 108.9 kg and comes standard with a back plate retaining ring ready to accept the focuser of your choice. Delta-T Ready – Now the PW24-RC comes standard with built-in dew heaters for both primary and secondary mirror.

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Price as Configured: $86,500.00

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Optical System

Optical Design Ritchey-Chrétien (RC)
Aperture 24 inch (610 mm)
Focal Length 6469 mm (254.68 inch)
Focal ratio F/10.6
Central Obstruction 30% of the Primary Mirror Diameter
Back Focus from Mounting Surface 10.3 inch (261.6 mm)
Back Focus from Racked in Focuser 7.3 inch (185.4 mm)
Weight 240 lbs (108.9 kg)
OTA Length 56 inch (1,422 mm)
Upper Cage Carbon Fiber Truss
Lower Cage Carbon Fiber Truss with Aluminum Light Shroud
OTA Width 31 inch (787 mm)
OTA Height 35 inch (889 mm)

Secondary Mirror

Diameter 6.89 inch (175 mm)
Material Fused Silica
Shape Hyperbolic
Coating Enhanced Aluminum – 96%

Primary Mirror

Optical Diameter 24 inch (610 mm)
Outer Diameter 24.5 inch (622 mm)
Shape Hyperbolic
Material Fused Silica
Coating Enhanced Aluminum – 96%


Crated Shipping Weight 500 lbs   (226.8 kg)
Crate Width 40 inch   (1,016 mm)
Crate Height 48 inch   (1,219 mm)
Crate Length 78 inch   (1,981 mm)

Included Accessories

CDK24 Focus Spacer (240343) This 5.3″ long spacer may be installed between the backplate and the focuser to take up some of the CDK24’s extra backfocus and reduce the torque placed on the focuser mechanism. This spacer is sized such that the backfocus distance behind the focuser will match that of the CDK20.
Primary Mirror Cover The Primary Mirror Cover protects the primary mirror.
Planewave thumb drive Includes instructions for Collimation and Spacing and software.
12VDC Power Supply Provides power for the fans