PlaneWave Delta T Heater

Starting Price: $750.00
Price as Configured: $750.00
Brand: PlaneWave Instruments / SKU: PW-600195

With PlaneWaves's Delta T Heater you can:

  • Have Full Control of Primary and Secondary Heater using PlaneWave Interface (PWI 3) Software
  • Monitor current temperature of primary mirror, secondary mirror and surrounding ambient temperature.
  • Automatically maintains mirror temperature set point as outside temperature changes.
  • See a real time graph of all temperature sensors.
Price as Configured: $750.00

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  • The Delta T controller is an optional accessory for dew prevention on CDK14 through CDK24 OTAs and the CDK700 system.
  • CDK14 to CDK24 and CDK700 telescopes come with primary and secondary mirror dew heating pads (CDK700 adds tertiary mirror heating), which are ready to accept the Delta T controller.
  • Controlled via PWI3 software for CDK14 through CDK24 OTAs (PWI2 for the CDK700).