Optec ThirdLynx DirectSync ATX25

Starting Price: $525.00
Price as Configured: $525.00
Brand: Optec / SKU: OP-19981

Optec's new DirectSync ATX25 motor features the ThirdLynx control circuit. This model is a new design to fit import focusers manufacured after October 2019. 

ATX25 fits a variety of focusers including the Meade Series 6000 ED Triplet APO refractors.  Similar to Optec's DirectSync APX25 motors with the same Best-In-Class clutch mechanism, the new DirectSync ATX25 motor includes an all-new integrated control circuit built into the focus motor end cap. No external controller is required. USB connectivity and fully compatible with all existing FocusLynx software.

Recommended Add-ons and Accessories
Product Price Quantity
OP-17070 - Optec USB TO 12V DC Power Converter Cable
OP-17070 - Optec USB TO 12V DC Power Converter Cable
About This Product
Recommended for use with 1A or higher USB charger ports to power ThirdLynx focus motors.

USB to 12VDC power adapter cable. Special cable converts USB 5-volt output to 12VDC for use with low-power devices such as the ThirdLynx focus motors. 2.5 x 5.5mm power plug, 3-ft. (1m) length. RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH USB 3.1 OR CHARGING PORTS ONLY.

  •  USB input: 5V 1A (5W) male type A plug,
  • 12VDC output: 2.5 x 5.5mm plug- center pin positive,
  • Length: 3-ft. (1m)
$25.00 each
Price as Configured: $525.00

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Compatible with:
  • Astro-Tech AT80EDT, AT115EDT, AT130EDT f/6 ED Triplet Refractors,
  • Meade Series 6000 ED Triplet APO 80mm,
  • Meade Series 6000 ED Triplet APO 115mm,
  • Meade Series 6000 ED Triplet APO 130mm,
  • Teleskop Service TS-Optics Photoline 130mm f/7 Triplet APO,
  • William Optics Gran Turismo 71 APO Refractor.

NOTE:  several import focusers changed in late 2019 so we designed the new ATX25 motor providing a better fit.  If you have an older model (pre-fall 2019), the Optec ThirdLynx DirectSync APX25 (below) may be a more suitable motor.  See photos above and on the linked page to compare your focuser pinion block or contact us for assistance.