Optec Sagitta Off-Axis Guider, Manual Version

Starting Price: $695.00
Price as Configured: $695.00
Brand: Optec / SKU: OP-19342

Featuring a full 3-inch (76.2mm) clear aperture, Sagitta includes a high-quality fully multi-coated pick-off prism with 12.5mm clear aperture to the guide camera. Sagitta features a large brass split-clamp for attachment of any 1-1/4” format guide camera with plenty of range for setting the guide camera parfocal to the imaging camera. Adjusting the prism stalk height can be accomplished with a single tool and provides prism engagement adjustment of 12mm. Overall, guide camera adjustments exceed 42mm while the OAG body thickness is held at only 31.75mm or 1-1/4”. The Sagitta uses the Optec-3000 3" dovetail to connect to various interfaces.

  • 3-inch (76.2mm) clear aperture to main camera
  • 12.5mm clear aperture to the guide camera
  • large brass split-clamp for any 1-1/4” format guide camera
  • Manual focuser to parfocalize main and guide camera
  • OAG body thickness is held at only 31.75mm or 1-1/4”
Available as a separate add-on to the manual Sagitta, Optec's #19349 Add-on Motor and #19690 FocusLynx Controller will convert your #19342 to the fully motorized #19340 version of the Sagitta.
Price as Configured: $695.00

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  • Sagitta OAG assembly
  • Male Astro-Physics 2.7-inch threaded adapter
  • Female Astro-Physics 2.7-inch (AP2.7) threaded adapter
  • Tool kit including 0.050”hex key, 5/64”and 3/32” ball drivers.