Optec QuickSync FT30 Motor

Starting Price: $325.00
Price as Configured: $325.00
Brand: Optec / SKU: OP-19772
The #19772 QuickSync FT30  motor with built-in clutch mechanism and temperature sensor allows both manual and motorized control with a simple twist of the motor housing. Designed especially for the FeatherTouch FTF25, FTF27, and FTF30 series manual focusers, the FT30 provides motorized focus while not impeding manual focus function.

Price as Configured: $325.00

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  • FeatherTouch FTF2515, 2525, 2535  2-1/2-inch dual-speed focusers,
  • FeatherTouch FTF3015, 3025, 3035  3-inch dual-speed focusers,
  • FeatherTouch older 2.7-inch series dual-speed focusers.
  • Material:  6061 aluminum, anodized black with gold knob,
  • Length:  6.3" (160mm)
  • Width:  3.2" (81.4mm)
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Tools Required:  1/16" and 7/64" hex keys (included)
  • Motor Cable:    Standard Cat-5e or Cat-6 (6-ft. length included)
  • Connection to FocusLynx:  Focuser 1 or Focuser 2 port- RJ45 socket
QuickSync FT Motors:
  • QuickSync FT20: #19771 fits the FTF20 series 2-inch FeatherTouch focusers, FTM Micro Focusers, and MPA Micro Pinion Assemblies,
  • QuickSync FT20R:  #19770 fits the 2-inch Feathertouch Rack and Pinion focusers.
  • QuickSync FT30: #19772 fits the FTF25 series 2.5-inch, older 2.7-inch and FTF30 series 3-inch FeatherTouch focusers,
  • QuickSync FT40: #19773 fits the FTF3515 and FTF3545 3.5-inch FeatherTouch focusers and larger FeatherTouch 4-inch focusers used on certain Astro-Physics refractors.