Optec-4300 to Takahashi Epsilon 180 Field Flattener Adapter

Starting Price: $135.00
Price as Configured: $135.00
Brand: Optec / SKU: OP-19844

Optec offers a complete focusing rotator option for owners of Takahashi's Epsilon 180 Astrograph.  Gemini's Low-Profile Focusing Rotator, coupled with the #19843 and #19844 adapters, provides a drop-in replacement for the native E180 focuser. The #19844 adapter allows you to insert the Field-Flattener directly into the Gemini.  Proper spacing is maintained for the E180 Field Flattener with a recessed M68 thread.  First screw the Field-Flattener into the #19844 adapter, then secure the FF/Adapter assembly into the Gemini drawtube.  This sets the FF at the design distance from the primary mirror and maintains the 56mm back-focus available to the camera sensor.

Device Compatibility:
  • Gemini Focusing Rotator.
Camera Side Compatibility:
  • Takahashi Epsilon 180 field-flattener.

Price as Configured: $135.00

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The #19844 adapter allows owners of the Takahashi Epsilon Astrograph to insert their field flattener directly into the Gemini.

Inside Diameter: M68x0.75mm thread
Outside Diameter: 4.80" (122mm)

Overall Height:

0.62" (15.7mm)
Clear Aperture: 2.66" (67.6mm)
Weight: 6.8 oz (190 g)
Back-Focus Usage: 0.25" (6.35mm)
Telescope Side Connection: OPTEC-4300 male dovetail
Camera Side Connection: M68 x 0.75mm female thread