CFF Telescopes Bino-Refractor 160mm Oil-Spaced Triplet Apochromat

Starting Price: $24,340.00
Price as Configured: $24,340.00
Brand: CFF Telescopes / SKU: CFF-BR-160
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Price as Configured: $24,340.00

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CFF Bino-Refractor 160mm Oil-Spaced Triplet Apochromat

These are CFF's first products designed for using our eyes in a natural way. Built around two single optical tube assemblies, shortened to accommodate the 3-inch fusion image system, made in Japan (Matsumoto – EMS). By using the maximum practical aperture for the focusers and EMS system, the bino will allow using 2″ eyepieces without any vignetting of the light cone. It has the light gathering power of a 190-mm unobstructed objective while the use of our eyes in a natural way increases perceived resolution. The system is highly recommended for visual astronomy.

Main features:

  • FTF3545/3.5″ Starlight focuser, 114mm travel, dual-speed; with finder bracket and dust cap;
  • dew shield with rotate & lock feature;
  • portable, medium size refractor bino-telescope;
  • EMS - UXL fusion image system;
  • Oil-spaced design for best possible light transmission & highest contrast.
Included items:
  • CNC hinged ring type cradle,
  • D-type dovetail,
  • handle.
This binocular-refactor will be produced in very limited quantities so please inquire about availability and delivery times.