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Ash-Dome is a product of the Ash Manufacturing Company, a leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality domes and tracking instrument shelters. The Ash-Dome is fabricated from the finest materials and products available to provide strength and stability in a dome shelter to withstand severe weather conditions around the world.

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Many of the outstanding features and available options designed into this versatile instrument shelter are a direct result of suggestions received from professional astronomers, engineers, and amateur astronomers. Ash-Dome has incorporated these ideas into the product we now provide to many of the world’s most distinguished institutions, yet the Ash-Dome is priced to be compatible with budgets of schools and amateurs.

Simplicity of structure and ease of operation are prime factors in considering Ash-Dome. Basically the Ash-Dome is a steel hemisphere formed by a number of interlocking segments providing an exceptionally strong roof structure. The up and over style shutter system allows the astronomer to view any portion of the sky through a protected viewing aperture. The up and over style shutter also keeps wind turbulence in the observatory to a minimum during observatory operation. This is much different from the older biparting style where the entire aperture must be opened to observe, even during exceptionally windy conditions.

Standard Sizes
Ash-Dome is available in standard sizes: 10’6” in diameter and in two feet increments up to 30’6” in diameter. They also make an 8’ diameter dome. Domes sizes 8’ to 16’6” in diameter we call our Model R domes. Sizes 18’6” to 30’6” in diameter are called Model M dome.

Shutter Styles
Ash-Dome has two shutter styles:
  • The Type 'A' shutter is used in locations where the horizon is obstructed. With the lower door section in the down position it serves as a partial occulting device blocking light pollution as well serving as a windscreen. When the horizon is needed, the lower door is left latched to the upper door section then raised up from horizon.
  • The Type 'B' Drop-out shutter style is used when the horizon is viewed frequently. With the Drop-out open the observer has a clear 0 to 105 degrees aperture. An example is when tracking an object along the horizon as it travels up and over the Zenith and back down to the horizon. The lower shutter can be left in the closed position to serve as an occulting device.
The Model R dome ships with an instruction manual that is used for reassembly. Our supervision can be provided upon request. The instruction manual can be sent ahead of time to answer any questions prior to deciding if you would like supervision.

Due to the complexity of our Model M domes, Ash-Dome supervision is required to save time, cost, and will provide a better installation.

The Model R domes ship on a single large pallet. All components, bolts, motors, etc are on the one pallet.

Unlike the Model R, the Model M does not ship on a single pallet. Model M domes get secured directly to the truck or container. These take up the full truck load as pieces are safely packed.