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Berlebach UNI Telescope Mount Tripod 8
Berlebach UNI Telescope Mount Tripod 8 Weave/Design

Berlebach UNI Telescope Mount Tripod 8

Product Number: BB-14090

Manufacturer: Berlebach
Maximum Height 83cm, includes Accessory Tray
Mount Type (required)

Color (required)

Rubber Feet (optional)

Double let clamps (optional)

Spread Stopper (optional, replaces chain)

Price: $580.00
Berlebach's well-proven UNI tripods for astronomers are excellent working tools and great value for money. With the included attachable tray (27 cm) and steel chain, an angle of inclination of approximately 32° can be achieved.

- Weight: 6.00 kg = 13.23 lb.
- Transportation length: 67 cm = 26 inch
- Minimum height: 60 cm = 24 inch
- Maximum height: 83 cm = 33 inch
- Load capacity: 60.00 kg = 132.28 lb.
- Vibration damping: very good

Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.

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