Technical Innovations Super RoboDome

Starting Price: $8,500.00
Price as Configured: $8,500.00
Brand: Technical Innovations / SKU: TI-SRD1M
Complete robotic observatory, height 50″. Includes fiberglass dome with base and one shutter, all hardware, and motors for rotation and shutter movement. Also includes Digital Dome Works hardware and software for computer (remote) control of observatory. Dome is shipped fully assembled.

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TI-WRSRD - Technical Innovations Wall Ring for Super RoboDome
TI-WRSRD - Technical Innovations Wall Ring for Super RoboDome
About This Product
Each additional ring will add 9 inches of height to the Super Robo-Dome.
$1,100.00 each
Price as Configured: $8,500.00
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The Super-RoboDome is based upon the existing HD6 observatory (with solid 9” base ring) and one new additional 9” solid (no door) wall ring. The observatory has a low exterior profile of 57”, while allowing large scopes and imaging configurations. The equipment setup is easy as the astronomer can simply step into the dome and complete the install. The Super-RoboDome specs are as follows:

- Inside height at zenith 54”

- Inside swing radius clearance 33”

- Equatorial plane (shutter opening low point) 18”

- Shutter opening width 30”

- Shutter opening height past zenith 12”

- Total weight (with motors and wall) 140 lbs

- Full motorization included

- Full automation (hardware & software) included

- Power Supply (110 or 220v AC) included

- Pre-drill service included

- Price $7,995