Technical Innovations Home Dome 15-Foot

Starting Price: $26,500.00
Price as Configured: $26,500.00
Brand: Technical Innovations / SKU: TI-HD15
Complete fifteen-foot diameter HOME-DOME fiberglass observatory designed for institutional, or group uses or to meet special observing needs. Designed to be mounted on an existing structure and consists of a solid base ring with special locking mechanisms. Includes a 12″ high base ring with reverse flange. Also includes the PD15 electric shutter system, PD15 rotation motor system (4 motor assemblies), and heavy-duty power supply. The Center height of the dome plus base ring is 8’6″.

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15 Foot Domes

Dome Diameter

Base Ring Height

Wall Ring Height

Inside Height Center

Door Opening width

Number of Rollers

Shutter Slot Width

Slot Past Zenith

Dome Weight

Electric Motors


179 inches

12 inches

12 inches on PD15; n/a on HD15

8 feet 6 inches; add 12 inches per PD15 wall ring

36 inches on PD15; none on HD15

49 inches

50 inches

24 inches

650 pounds; add 110 pounds per PD15 wall ring