Technical Innovations Home Dome 10-Foot

Starting Price: $9,700.00
Price as Configured: $9,700.00
Brand: Technical Innovations / SKU: TI-HD10
Complete ten-foot diameter HOME-DOME fiberglass observatory for on-structure use. Includes dome quadrants (4), rear cover, shutters (2), dome support ring (4 pieces), 12″ high base ring (4 pieces), and all hardware (stainless steel bolts, etc.), silicone sealer, and instructions for construction and operation.

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TI-CS10 - Technical Innovations HD-10 Circular Skirt
TI-CS10 - Technical Innovations HD-10 Circular Skirt
About This Product
Same as the Rectangular Skirt, except a four-piece skirt which ends in a circle 10’8″ in diameter with drip flange. Useful in transition to a circular or octagon building, or to keep water away from a circular foundation
$1,400.00 each
TI-RS10 - Technical Innovations HD-10 Rectangular Skirt
TI-RS10 - Technical Innovations HD-10 Rectangular Skirt
About This Product
Eight-piece fiberglass skirt to make the transition between the circular observatory base ring and a flat or sloping roof or building edge. The horizontal flange of the RS10 fastens under a base ring (or wall ring) flange, while a vertical flange (“drip flange”) attaches to your square structure. The skirt slopes downward 4 inches to the 10’7″ square.
$1,790.00 each
Price as Configured: $9,700.00
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10 Foot Domes


Dome Diameter

Base Ring Height

Wall Ring Height

Inside Height Center

Door Opening width

Number of Rollers

Shutter Slot Width

Slot Past Zenith

Dome Weight

Electric Motors


119 inches

12 inches

12 inches on PD10; n/a on HD106

6 feet; add 12 inches per PD10 wall ring

19 inches on PD10; none on HD106

16 on HD10; 31 on PD10

36 inches

16 inches

310 pounds; add 95 pounds per PD10 wall ring