Starlight Instruments Integrated Paracorr System (SIPS) Coma Corrector with FTF2015BCR Lightweight Focuser

Starting Price: $1,370.00
Price as Configured: $1,370.00
Brand: Starlight Instruments / SKU: SI-SIPS-KIT-LW
Starlight Instruments offers a Coma Corrector called the Starlight Integrated Paracorr System (SIPS). The SIPS is an integrated focuser-mounted version of the TeleVue Paracorr Type 2. This Coma Corrector functions with Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser and TeleVue’s optics, which together, making this the ultimate coma corrector.

Once SIPS is set-up, there is no need to fumble with locking screws, turning your flashlight on to check its position, etc. Also, the assembly is more rigid and flexure is greatly reduced. The SIPS totally eliminates the need to re-adjust/calibrate when switching eyepieces. You will simply adjust the focus knobs of your Feather Touch focuser for viewing. Because of this, the SIPS will save you valuable observing time and is easy to use.

This includes the FTF2015BR-LW focuser.
Price as Configured: $1,370.00
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