QHY6060 BSI Scientific Cooled CMOS Camera

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Price as Configured: $89,000.00
Brand: QHYCCD / SKU: QHY-6060BSI (110114)
QHY6060 is a big format scientific CMOS camera with 37.7 Megapixel, 61mm square (89mm diagonal) Gpixel Gsense6060 sensor, 10um pixel size, 14bit ADC, 6K*6K resolution. It has both a back-illuminated version and a front-illuminated version. The FSI version has 72% peak QE and the BSI version has 95% peak QE.

QHY6060 has a 2-stage TEC cooler and it is air-cooling / water cooling compatible. QHY6060 has USB3.0 high-speed interface.

The BSI QHY6060 also has a soft X-ray response. In order to use it in a full vacuum environment. The camera needs to be put into a vacuum environment. QHYCCD can offer a special customized design of the full vacuum version. Please contact us if you need this version.

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Price as Configured: $89,000.00

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Model QHY6060FSI (Front illuminated version)
QHY6060BSI (Back illuminated version)
CMOS Sensor Gpixel GSENSE6060 FSI / BSI
Pixel Size 10um x 10um
Sensor Surface Glass Clear Glass
Effective Pixel Area 6134*6134
Total Pixel 6200*6134
Includes the optic black area on left side and right side
Effective Pixels 37.6 Megapixels
Effective Image Area 61.34mm x 61.34mm
Fullwell QHY6060FSI
Peak QE 72% (FSI version) 95%(BSI version)
A/D 14-bit A/D
Sensor Size 6×6 Medium Format
Full Frame Rate and ROI Frame Rate QHY6060
2.5FPS(8bit speed 0) 3.5FPS(8bit speed1) 4FPS(8bit speed 2) 5FPS(8bit speed 3)
2.5FPS(16bit speed 1,2,3)QHY6060PRO
Readout Noise 4.7e- (at maximum analog gain in high gain channel)
Dark Current FSI
0.2e/pixel/sec @ -15C
Exposure Time Range 20us-300sec
Power Supply Input / Power Consumption 12V DC input
Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter
Computer Interface USB3.0
Built-in Image Buffer 128MByte DDR2
Air / Water Cooling Support Both Air Cooling and Water Cooling
Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler
Below ambient temperature -25C Dual Stage TEC cooler with water Cooling Below ambient temperature -35C to -37C (water temperature 26C)(Test temperature +20°)Below ambient temperature -45C to -47C (water temperature 10C)
Recommended flow rates for water-cooled versions 12ml/s
Anti-Dew Heater Yes
Telescope Interface See Mechanical Drawing
Optic Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
Back Focal Length See Mechanical Drawing