PrimaLuceLab ESATTO 3.5" LP focuser with ARCO 3" rotator

Starting Price: $2,685.00
Price as Configured: $2,685.00
Brand: PrimaLuceLab / SKU: PLL-EST35LPBARCO3
This bundle includes the ESATTO 3,5" LP low profile focuser, the ARCO 3" rotator and the adapter to connect them, allowing you to take remote control of focusing and rotation in a compact focuser with just 58.5mm of thickness and 76.3mm of free aperture.

What's in this bundle?
1 - ESATTO 3.5" LP Focuser
Price as Configured: $2,685.00

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Since ESATTO focuser and ARCO rotator are designed to work together, you doesn't need to have different USB and power cables to connect both devices to your control computer. You will have just one USB cable to the ESATTO (and you will have to add 12V power only if your computer is not able to provide enough current through the USB port) and a short cable to connect ESATTO to ARCO.

ESATTO focuser and ARCO rotator are provided with ASCOM drivers (so you can control them with any astrophotography softwares for Windows that supports ASCOM focusers and rotators) but they can also be controlled with PLAY, the astrophotography software just developed by PrimaLuceLab to allow easier use of telescopes with all its devices together with the cameras, optical tubes, mounts and other accessories that the user is free to choose.


Focus control with PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software


PLAY, the Prima Luce AstrophotographY software, allows to remotely control the ESATTO focuser for a very precise focus of your telescope and the ARCO rotator that can be used both as a camera rotator and a field de-rotator, based on the mount you use with your telescope. 


Rotation control with PLAY - Prima Luce AstrophotographY software