PrimaLuceLab Adapter ESATTO 2" for Borg 55FL f3.6

Starting Price: $595.00
Price as Configured: $595.00
Brand: PrimaLuceLab / SKU: PLL-3600248
This adapter allows you so use the PrimaLuceLab ESATTO 2" robotic microfocuser with the Borg 55mm fluorite lens and 7880 reducer to create the Borg 55FL f3.6 astrograph. This set is composed of 5 rings and adapters and, in order to complete the Borg 55FL f3.6 astrograph, you have to add the Borg 2555 55FL lens, Borg 7880 0,8x reducer for 55FL and Borg 7352 rotator.
Price as Configured: $595.00

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