PlaneWave IRDK24 Telescope (Infrared Optimized)

Starting Price: $69,000.00
Price as Configured: $69,000.00
Brand: PlaneWave Instruments / SKU: PW-240120Q

The IRDK24 is a 24-inch infrared optimized optical tube designed for research applications where on-axis performance is crucial. for IR application, reflective coatings are a protected gold which give better than 98% reflectivity from .65 micron (650nm) to 5 micron (5000nm). This design is ideal for infrared astronomy or LIDAR applications.

  • Dall-Kirkham optical design
  • Focal length of 3,574 mm (f/6.5)
  • Mirror coatings that are optimized to transmit in infrared wavelengths (ultra violet optimization available)
  • Fused silica mirrors with low thermal expansion
  • Ready for Delta-T dew prevention
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Price as Configured: $69,000.00

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