Optec HSFW 2” Intelligent Filter Selector System

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Brand: Optec / SKU: OP-17350
Price as Configured: $925.00

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The IFW 2" Intelligent Filter Wheel is an easy-to-use filter wheel designed to maximize the color imaging capabilities of any astrophotographer. The IFW is so named because it is capable of storing and recalling filter names and locations for up to twenty-five filters over multiple wheels. No longer will you have to worry about mistakenly using the wrong filter for the job, as the IFW control box does all of the work! Moreover, changing filters and wheels is an easy task that does not require removing the filter wheel from the telescope. Complete lines of 50mm and 2" filters are available for the IFW, covering all of the filter standards, including LRGB, H-alpha, OIII, Luminance, and UVBRI bands.