ADM D Series MINI-MAX ALT/AZ Aiming Device Upgrade for Side-By-Side System

Starting Price: $319.00
Price as Configured: $319.00
Brand: ADM Accessories / SKU: ADM-DSBS-MINIMAX
-Alternative to adjustable guidescope rings.
-Supports guidescope/finderscope with tube rings and dovetail bar for added stability and simple adjustability.
-Used for co-aligning two optical tubes for viewing the same target or offsetting two optical tubes to find a suitable guidestar for autoguiding.
-Designed entirely for the Vixen "V" series of dovetail bars to help reduce the overall weight to under 2.1 lbs.
-Male version bolts directly to V Series or D Series connecting dovetail bars
-Capable of handling any guidescope under 10lbs.
-10 degrees of Azimuth adjustment and 5 degrees of altitude adjustment.
-6.4" long and adds approximately 1.6" of height (from top of dovetail on OTA to bottom dovetail on guidescope)
-CNC machined from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum. -All components are anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a beautiful finish and long lasting durability.
Price as Configured: $319.00
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