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HyperTune® Service for the EQ6-R Mounts

HyperTune® Service for the EQ6-R Mounts

Product Number: DSP-HYPSERV-EQ6-R

Manufacturer: Deep Space Products
Return shipping is calculated and charged after the completion of the mount.
ADM Saddle Upgrade (Optional)

Special Requests/Details
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Price: $370.00
The HyperTune® service includes but is not limited to:
  • Complete inspection of the mount head.
  • Complete dismantle of the mount head.
  • Inspection and cleaning of each part - removing all metal burrs, shavings, thick grease and foreign objects.
  • High resolution sanding and polishing of moving internal parts resulting in high smoothness of internal metal parts and “glide like” performance from your mount.
  • Inspection and adjustment of motors and encoders with gear set screws replaced as necessary.
  • Replacement of stock worm bearings with ceramic hybrid bearings
  • Replacement of plastic bearings with PTFE bearings.
  • Reassembly using high grade synthetic grease.
  • Resetting of worm gear meshing.
  • Adjustment of backlash settings in RA and DEC.
Your mount will be evaluated and you will be notified if any repairs beyond those listed above might be necessary.  The HyperTune® service doesn't include any repair work not listed above.  Additional repairs may be available for an extra fee which will be quoted to you for your approval.  Otherwise, every aspect of your mount is enhanced or repaired without replacement.

You will receive your mount, along with a mount plaque for everyone to know that you have the best performing scope around!  In addition, you will get a complete step-check sheet verifying that all items of the HyperTune® were performed, along with special notes if any additional repairs are recommended for your mount.

Other mount upgrades offered by Deep Space Products like those from ADM Accessories may be purchased separately and installed professionally by us as part of the HyperTune® service often with no additional installation charge.

Please refer to the HyperTune® FAQs for the answers to common important questions regarding the shipping of your mount and what to expect from the HyperTune® of your mount.

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