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TEMP-est TEMPerature Equilibration System for Telescopes - For CPC Deluxe HD
C8 Edge HD in Pompeii Red C8 Fastar Fan Black Hole (solid black)
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TEMP-est TEMPerature Equilibration System for Telescopes - For CPC Deluxe HD Weave/Design

TEMP-est TEMPerature Equilibration System for Telescopes - For CPC Deluxe HD


Manufacturer: Deep Space Products
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Price: $225.00

Introducing the new TEMP-estTM TEMPerature Equilibration System for Telescopes from Deep Space Products.  The first models of the TEMP-estTM were designed for use on the Celestron Edge HD Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes ("SCTs"), CPC Deluxe HD SCTs, and new standard SCTs with built-in side vents.

The TEMP-estTM Categories 2 through 3 consist of one or two components for these telescopes: an active venting system that replaces the passive vents in the rear cell of the OTA and a second fan system that is placed in the Fastar secondary hole for quick initial cool-downs.  The vent fan system is designed to be run while using the telescope and employs one filtered fan to pull air out of the OTA and another filtered fan to push air into the OTA.  The filtered fans use a 55 micron stainless steel filter to keep dust input to a minimum.  The vent fan systems run off of standard 12VDC with a 2.1mm center positive plug and the vent fans are wired together so that only one power supply/cable is needed to run both vents.  All of the Fastar fans run on 12VDC with a 2.1mm center positive plug.  The fans on both sides of the OTA have power sockets for convenience and can be daisy-chained with the Fastar fan.

The fans being used for the vents are high quality magnetic levitation fans that offer the highest flow while minimizing vibration.  The purpose of the vent fan system is to help the primary mirror and interior air remain as close to ambient temperature as possible in order to minimize the formation of tube currents in the OTA and to do this while using the scope for viewing and imaging.

Each vent assembly is custom CNC-machined for the OTAs and made from materials like solid surface acrylic polymer and recycled materials are used when available.  The vents can be made in a variety of colors depending on available supplies.  The Fastar fan assemblies will be of random shades of black, white and grey (depending on material availability). 

Power cables can be ordered along with the fans for connection to your 12VDC power supply.  The vent fans only require a single cable since they are connected together inside the back of the scope.  The Fastar fan requires a separate cable but can be wired in a "Y" along with the vent fan cable.  The cables are 6 feet long and have the 2.1mm plug on one end and are bare on the other end so that you can add whatever type of power connection you like (e.g., cigarette lighter, power poles, RCA connectors, alligator clips, etc.).

TEMP-estTM fans for the Edge HD scopes will be installed for free with HyperTune OTA services.

For TEMP-estTM Category 1 systems for Fastar only fans go here:  TEMP-estTM Category 1

For TEMP-estTM systems for the Edge HD and new vented SCT scopes go here:  TEMP-estTMfor Edge HD

TEMP-estTM installation instructions can be found here:  Installation Instructions.

Read the report on the TEMP-estTM Systems in the July-August 2012 issue of Astronomy Technology Today by clicking on the cover below.

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