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10Micron AZ2000HPS Alt-Azimuth Mount
10Micron AZ2000HPS Alt-Azimuth Mount Weave/Design

10Micron AZ2000HPS Alt-Azimuth Mount

Product Number: 10M-AZ2000

Manufacturer: 10 Micron Astro Technology
Please inquire for availability. Delivery times are dependent on 10Micron production schedules and pre-production sales.  Arrangements can be made to take a deposit on the mount at the time of order rather than paying the full amount, depending on the predicted availability of the mount at the time of order.  We cannot sell 10Micron products to customers outside of the US.

Please contact us for information on paying with check/money order.
Dual Scope Mounting Package

Dovetail Clamps

Side-By-Side Dovtail Clamp Options
Requires appropriate dovetail clamps (10M-2085, 10M-2185 or 10M2135) above.

Tripod Options

Pier Adapter

13.2 lbs. (6 kg) Counterweights

26.4 lbs. (12 kg) Counterweights

Mount Head Protective Cover

AC Portable Power Supplies
Use of a power supply other than the one(s) supplied by 10Micron will void the 2-year warranty on the electronics if a power supply malfunction results in damage to the mount electronics.

DC Portable Power Supply

10 Micron GPS Reciever

Cold Temperature Option

PinPoint Astrometric Engine

BackyardEOS Premium Edition

BackyardNIKON Premium Edition

Sequence Generator Pro

Expedited Delivery
NORMAL DELIVERY TIME IS 2 TO 3 WEEKS FOR IN-STOCK MOUNTS. Expedited delivery is available for an additional fee. Please select expedited delivery below and we will contact you regarding the additional charge.

Price: $14,494.00
The availability on the market of more and more advanced and flexible astronomical imaging systems has opened new windows to the sky.  Today, ultra-high definition and ultra-high speed imaging is within the amateur's reach far more that what was predictable ten years ago.  10 Micron's products evolved at the same pace over the last 10 years in terms of tracking and pointing accuracy and speed.  The HPS series mounts are now at the peak of this process.

Every observer knows that when you are under the sky you have little time and each set up operation comes with the risk of compromising the night.  Having excellent performance on paper means nothing if many complex set up operations are required before reaching that performance.  This is the reason 10 Micron mounts are designed around the user's needs, and not to enforce the mount's way of operation on the user.

The AZ2000HPS is the latest version of the AZ2000 which was a special made for a specific client.  It is an altazimuth mount based on the mechanics of the GM2000HPS equitorial mount.  The mount is a very versatile research mount perfect of scientific activities  such as satellite tracking, photometric and astrometric measurements, LiDAR laster applications, etc.  Due its altazimuth design, the AZ2000HPS is not suitable for most amateur astrophotography.

The original AZ2000 mount was produced in a special Antarctica version that was able to work at extremely low temperatures on the order of -119F (-84C).  Special mechanical and electronic features were necessary in order to produce the unique design including the use of special lubricants, wiring and connectors.  A special housing was also designed to protect the mount against temperature and the formation of ice crystals which required different levels of seals depending on the effective operational temperature.

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