ADM V Series Universal Dovetail Bar Counterweight

Starting Price: $85.00
Price as Configured: $85.00
Brand: ADM Accessories / SKU: ADM-VDUP-CW
ADM's V Series dovetail counterweights are designed for proper balancing of the telescope OTA. Each counterweight system comes with a 1/2x13tpi threaded post. The counterweight simply attaches to the counterweight mount which in turn slides onto the ADM V Series Dovetail Bar (sold separately). The counterweights can be used for balancing fork mounted OTAs or adding additional weight to an exposed dovetail bar for easier balancing of accessories.

This counterweight fits ADM V Series saddles and adds additional weight for balancing ALT/AZ mounts. The threaded rod bolts directly to the 7″ ADM V Series universal dovetail bar.

- One VDUP7
- One 5" long 1/2x13 tpi threaded rod
- One 3.5 pound counterweight
- Mounting hardware

7″ Long
1.72″ Wide
0.625″ Thick
Weight 9 oz

4″ Diameter
1″ thick
Price as Configured: $85.00
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