Rowan Astronomy AZ 75 Alt-Azimuth Mount

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Price as Configured: $843.00
Brand: Rowan Astronomy / SKU: RE-21531200a
Rowan Astronomy’s new AZ75 Alt-Azimuth Mount moves your optics in altitude or azimuth independently and includes the option to lock the mount’s position and to guide it manually. The Rowan AZ75 is easy to setup and use and just as easy to transport from one dark site to another.
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  • CNC machined and black anodized finished and fitted with stainless steel hardware.
  • Features include adjustable friction clutches on both axis for smooth push-to observations and tracking.
  • 32mm diameter aluminium axis shafts supported in high quality ball and taper bearings.
  • Load capacity is 15 kg each side depending on scope length.
  • Top elevation axis lock for eyepiece changes.
  • Mount weight 4.1kg
  • Mount weight with 2 x V saddles 4.4kg
  • Mount base can be supplied with M12, M10 and 3/8" tapped hole to attach to tripods.
  • Compatible with AZ100 saddles.
Options for the base mount.
  • Internally mounted Renishaw 122,000 step encoders.
  • Nexus DSC Pro with WiFi. DSC shelf.
  • Compact 'V' section saddle. 170mm long with 2 clamps.
  • Pan-tilt handle.
  • Counterweights and counterweight shaft.

Size Comparison AZ100 and AZ75