QHY4040 Pro BSI Class 1 Scientific Cooled CMOS Camera

Starting Price: $40,000.00
Price as Configured: $40,000.00

QHY4040/QHY4040PRO is a scientific cooled CMOS camera with GSENSE4040 4K*4K sCMOS sensor. It has a 36.9mm x 36.9mm square sensor with 9.0um pixels in a 4k x 4k array. It has a 36.9*36.9mm big image area. 9um pixel size.

QHY4040/PRO has both the FSI version and BSI version. FSI version has a peak QE of 74%, 70ke full-well (at the lowest gain), 4e readout noise (at the highest gain). BSI version has a peak QE of 90%, 39ke full-well (at the lowest gain), 2.3e readout noise(at the highest gain), and a wide spectrum from UV to Near IR.

QHY4040 has only the FSI version, supports a single 12BIT channel readout (high gain channel only). QHY4040PRO has both FSI version and BSI version, supports selectable dual 12bit  channel output (high gain, or low gain), and also supports the on-camera dual 12bit to 16bit data combination process.

The standard version is two-stage TEC cooling with air cooling. QHYCCD can provide the water cooling version as requested.

The typical application of this camera is astronomy imaging, spectrum, dynamic x-ray DR, satellite tracking, etc.

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The QHY PCIE Grabber card enables your QHY600 Professional Camera's ability to achieve 4 FPS @ 16-bit and 10 FPS at 10-bit frame rates. QHY's grabber card enables the optical 2x10 gigabit fiber port connection which achieves these rates and also provides the option for users to locate the camera from much longer distances than the traditional USB3.0 interface. Adding the PCIE grabber card means that you can locate your camera from hundreds of meters, rather than just a few meters.

A single QHY PCIE Grabber card can be used with more than multiple cameras in succession (not simultaneously). This means that if you have multiple QHY PRO series cameras, and you plan on using them at different times, then you only need one card.

$995.00 each
Price as Configured: $40,000.00

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  • Cooled scientific camera uses the Gsense4040FSI front-illuminated
  • Interfaces: USB 3.0 + 2 x 10 Gigabit fiber: The PRO camera models support 2X10GB Ethernet (An OPTIONAL PCIE Grabber Card is necessary to achieve such high transfer rates). HOWEVER - a grabber card is not entirely necessary to operate the camera, since it is likewise capable to work under USB3.0 connection. Some users may own two or more ethernet compatible cameras but only do operate one camera at a time. In this case just one grabber card needs to be ordered. But for multiple cameras, each to operate with 2X10GB simultaneously, then the same number of grabber cards are needed.
  • 16.8 Megapixel, CMOS image sensor – 36.9mm x 36.9mm square sensor with 9.0um pixels in a 4k x 4k array 
  • Multiple Pixel Clocks, 20 FPS at Full Resolution in USB 3.0 mode, 24 FPS at full resolution in 2x10Gbps in fiber mode
  • Extremely low readout noise of typical 2.3e- @Maximum Analog Gain
  • 36ke- Full Well
  • Dual 12bit ADC, 1. Dual Channel Output Together Mode. 2. Single Channel Mode (High Gain Channel and Low Gain Channel Selectable), 3. Dual 12bit Combine to 16BIT Image mode.
  • 2GByte (16Gbit) DDR3 image buffer
  • With Electronic Rolling Shutter and humidity sensor in CMOS chamber
  • Two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (-35 °C below ambient)
  • Ideal for X-ray imaging, charged particle detection, and micro-CT application