QHY168C Cooled One-Shot Color Astrophotography Camera

Starting Price: $1,399.00
Price as Configured: $1,399.00
Brand: QHYCCD / SKU: QHY-168C (100095)
QHY168C uses an APS-C format, 16 Megapixel, 14-bit CMOS sensor, the Sony IMX071. The SONY Exmor IMX071 sensor has 4.8um pixels and has 3.2e- read noise at lowest gain and 2.3e- read noise at unity gain (system gain = 1e/ADU), and zero amplifier glow. This sensor was used in the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera. It. The QHY168C also has a nice dynamic range close to 14 stops.  With read noise this low, it is easier to detect a dim target against of the background noise.
Price as Configured: $1,399.00

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True raw 14 bit preserves original data by giving you a fantastic shot the first time. Do less, if any, edits during processing which gives you the maximum compatibility with astronomical imaging processing programs and other scientific imaging applications. 

Glow-free Performance

The QHY 168 Cooled Color CMOS operates at a 14-bit rate in a 16-megapixel format using the IMX071 sensor. The IMX071 is an APS-C format sensor with a pixel array of 4952 x 3288 with 4.8-micrometer size pixels. It averages a 2.3e- which is an advantageously low readout noise. This results in a clear image that distorts very slowly, allowing long exposures to produce unforgettable astro-images. Image wide-field and high-resolution views of astronomical objects. 

Refined Mechanics

It also utilizes a TEC 'Thermo-Electric-Cooling' unit to regulate temperature, permitting extended imaging sessions. Adding to the quality is a DDRII image buffer which regulates the transfer of data between the camera and your computer.