PrimaLuceLab EAGLE5S, Control Unit for Telescopes and Astrophotography

Starting Price: $1,695.00 Sale Price: $1,525.00 Price as Configured: $1,525.00
Brand: PrimaLuceLab / SKU: PLL-EAGLE5S
The New EAGLE5 S is the advanced computer for telescopes and astrophotography with its fast i3 processor, Industrial Grade 8 GB fast DDR4 memory, large and quick 250 GB SSD drive Industrial Grade (NVMe), added connectivity - now with 10 USB ports (1 x Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C type connector, 1 x Thunderbolt 4 with USB-C type connector), new Inclinometer and Motion Detector sensors, and more powerful WiFi 6 wireless networking.

All in a lightweight, compact all-in-one design with PLUS aluminum housing to be installed on your telescope and that comes with all of the advanced features of the previous EAGLE like GPS sensor with high gain antenna to automatically detect your position and time, EYE sensor to monitor sky quality in the area your telescope is pointed, DARK mode to disable all of the LEDs on the EAGLE and much more!
Price as Configured: $1,525.00
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EAGLE5 S computer for telescopes and astrophotography: includes;
  • EAGLE5 S computer
  • 2 WiFi antennas
  • 1x GPS antenna
  • 12V power cable with cigarette plug for EAGLE - 250cm
  • n.4 M6x8 screws + n.4 M6x10 screws + n.4 M6x12 screws + n.4 n.4 M6x18 screws + n.4 M6x25 screws + n.4 M6x35 screws
  • Quick guide

EAGLE5 S computer for telescopes and astrophotography