ADM V Series 7-Inch Universal Dovetail Bar with 150mm Adjustable Guidescope Rings

Starting Price: $125.00
Price as Configured: $125.00
Brand: ADM Accessories / SKU: ADM-VDUPR7-150
ADM V Series dovetail rings are designed for adding a telescope guidescope to an ADM V Series Dovetail Bar. The guidescope is supported by large Delrin-tipped thumb screws which hold the guidescope securely in place. The three-point adjustable rings are attached to dovetail clamps which slide onto the ADM V Series Dovetail Bar. This is the perfect solution for attaching a guidescope since it can be properly balanced and removed for proper transport.

The VDUPR150 includes two 150mm (ID) adjustable guidescope rings with large Delrin-tipped thumb screws. Adjustable from 95mm – 135mm.

- Two adjustable guidescope rings
- One VDUP7
- Mounting hardware
Price as Configured: $125.00
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