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Fine Azimuth Adjuster for the CGE Mount
TPI CGE Fine Azimuth Adjuster TPI CGE Fine Azimuth Adjuster TPI-Astro/TPI_CGE_AZ_Adjuster_4.jpg
TPI CGE Fine Azimuth Adjuster   

Fine Azimuth Adjuster for the CGE Mount

Product Number: TPI-004

Manufacturer: TPI Astro
Price: $300.00
Fine AZIMUTH adjustment for your CGE!

TPI's new solid aluminum CGE Fine AZIMUTH adjuster is the perfect addition to your mount. This add-on assembly replaces the top disc on the base of the CGE. It requires no modification or drilling of your mount.

The adjuster comes in two configurations. The Knob type adjuster has a premium rubberized handle and neatly integrates into the look of your mount. Installation takes a matter of minutes with a few allen keys and a  three quarter inch socket. The low Profile Allen Key adjuster version has a standard 3/16" allen key that allows easy adjustment of the Azimuth.

The stock AZ adjuster on the CGE is a rather course adjustment and a fine polar alignment is difficult. The stock adjuster has a total allowed movement of 14 degrees taking just a quarter of a turn on its adjuster to move the full 14 degrees. TPI's adjuster allows a full 20 degrees of movement, while the knob requires 26 turns to traverse the full 20 degrees. A nice smooth and slow motion effect - giving you full control and ultra fine adjustment allowing extremely easy and accurate polar alignment.

The TPI Azimuth adjuster is precision machined from solid bar stock 6061-T6 aluminum with a stainless steel adjuster pin and very fine thread steel threads. A nylon lock nut keeps the threaded components properly tensioned.

The center threaded post is locked into the aluminum and features a finer thread than stock. A nylon lock nut, nylon washer and steel washer complete the assembly to the stock orange base. The finer threads allow a better and more precise tensioning of the 2 discs and prevents any ALT motion while adjusting the Azimuth.

Your AZ adjuster comes complete as a kit and includes all the hardware required to integrate the adjuster into your mount. We can supply  both the Knob type adjuster OR the Low profile adjuster. The different adjuster types are easily changed in a few minutes to suit your preference. The kit comes completer with SUPERLUBE lubricant, nylon and stainless steel washers for the adjuster mechanism, and 2 new 4 lobe phenolic hold down knobs that are easy to grip and fully match the knobs on our Tripod Leg Levelers.

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