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D Series or V Series Dovetail Adapter
D Series or V Series Dovetail Adapter Weave/Design

D Series or V Series Dovetail Adapter

Product Number: ADM-DVPA

Manufacturer: ADM Accessories

Price: $40.00

DVPA - This dovetail adapter adapter attaches to both "D" Series as well as "V" Series.  The DVPA features a large clamping surface as opposed to single screw pressing on the dovetail. The DVPA has two counterbored holes for a 1/4x20 socket head screw.  One is centered on the plate the other is located .5" from center.  This allows attaching accessories with two screws as opposed to one.  The DVPA is spring loaded and contains guide pins for a smooth, easy opening solid locking system. Black Anodized and Stainless Steel for maximum durability and ultra good looks.


-1x DVPA
-2x 1/4×20 SHCS

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