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D Series Counterweight with Side Mounting Option
D Series Counterweight with Side Mounting Option Weave/Design

D Series Counterweight with Side Mounting Option

Product Number: ADM-DCW-SM

Manufacturer: ADM Accessories
Price: $75.00
3 dimensional counterweight assembly. 3.5lb counterweight mounted a dovetail plate adapter. Intended for use with 4" style dovetail plates like Losmandy. 4" long stainless steel shaft. Black Anodized Aluminum, stainless steel and powder coated weight for ultra goods looks and maximum durability.

Fits D Series dovetail bars. Adds additional weight for balancing OTAs especially the off-center saddle on the OEM Celestron CGEM and CGEM-DX. Split clamp design grips the dovetail bar along the entire surface of the saddle and will not dent or scratch the dovetail bar. The dovetail clamp has a large locking knob for tool free operation, spring loaded jaws, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. DPA- 2.5″ Long, 4″ Wide, .75″ Thick, Wt. 10 oz., Counterweight- 4″ Rounds, 1″ thick, 3.5 lbs.

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