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Tripod Spreader

Product Number: TPI-001

Manufacturer: TPI Astro
Battery Tray (optional)

Tripod (required)
*Please contact us for availability on the tripods marked with an asterisk. PLEASE NOTE that Synta has recently introduced a new 2" tripod that has divisions on the lower legs. Please select that option if it is what you have. *Tripods marked with an asterisk have limited availability.

Price: $255.00

Some comments TPI has received:

"I received the spreader & shelf today and already have it installed.  The scope is out right now and we're giving it a test drive.  I must say it is good-looking piece of equipment (the brushed finish is nice!).  Already I can tell how much more stable the tripod is!  Excellent craftsmanship and thank you very much!!": CT

"As I own 2 of these spreaders and 1 battery tray, I can tell you that they are high quality and everything that is stated about them is true. The workmanship is second to none." : BJ

"Spreader arrived today and I had a few minutes before dinner to install it. All I can say right now is wow! The difference in the rigidity is immediate and very evident. Should the skies stay clear tomorrow evening, I'm heading over to our club's dark sky site and will give it a test drive." :BC

"Thank you so much Dave! Yeah, the rig is really performing well! I had been entertaining a tear-down & rebuild of the Atlas until we got one of your EQ-G leg spreaders. Now, not so much! It's really running nicely - good and stable!"- C&T

"Fantastic Dave, What a difference!. my tripod not only looks great now but no more wobbly legs. I love the battery shelf, my deep cycle is no longer religated to the floor- Thanks for a great product!" :DJ

"The quality is evident, this is one heavy duty piece impeccable finish and operation, well worth the money! Thanks Dave!" :CR

"Got the new tripod leg bracers, accessory tray , new orange anodized leg lock screws. Woohoo! With the bracer and tray in place, that tripod is rock-solid. And I can imagine if I put my 50-lb deep cycle battery on the tray, that setup is not gonna vibrate at all!" :WH

"The new rig is AWESOME!!  I can tell you this, the spreader has completely eliminated the drift that we were seeing over the course of a night's imaging.!! " :CT

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